Pisces: Precious Stone and Meaning (20/02 – 20/03)

Those born between February 19th and March 20th belong to the sign of Pisces, known for their compassionate, creative and dreamy nature. If you’re a Pisces or have a loved one under this sign, the right jewelry can perfectly capture your sensitive, intuitive personality.




Soft and Delicate Colors

Pisces are known for their affinity for soft, calming tones. Jewelry with gemstones such as aquamarine, amethyst and opal reflects the emotional and spiritual depth of this sign. These soft colors are also in line with Pisces’ imaginative and creative nature.







Design Inspired by Water

As a sign of the water element, Pisces feels at home near bodies of water. Jewelry that incorporates marine motifs, such as shells, starfish and waves, are ideal choices for Pisces. These elements symbolize Pisces’ deep connection with the emotional and intuitive world.







Ethereal Accessories

Pisces is a zodiac sign associated with the spiritual world and intuition. Jewelry with ethereal designs, such as silver rings with translucent stones or delicate bracelets, are ideal choices for Pisces seeking a connection with the divine.





Jewelry is a wonderful way to express the personality and essence of Pisces. By choosing a piece that captures this sign’s sensitivity and creativity, you are not only giving the gift of beauty, but also recognizing the emotional and spiritual depth that makes Pisces so special.


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