Autumn Winter 23/24

In autumn and winter in Ireland, weather conditions are generally colder and the surrounding colors tend to be more sober and deep. The jewelry chosen for this season can reflect these seasonal characteristics. Here are some suggestions and their possible meanings:


Colors and Stones
– Opt for richer, deeper colors, such as shades of dark blue, moss green, brown and wine red. Stones such as sapphire, emerald, garnet and agate can be appropriate choices.

925 Sterling Silver Celtic Ring with Sapphire Blue Zircon Stone and Trinity Knots Accented with Crystals

Hot Metals
– Gold in warm tones, such as yellow gold or rose gold, can add a warm touch to your jewelry, combining well with the Autumn/Winter color palette.

18K Rose Gold Plated Ring with Sapphire Blue CZ Stone and Celtic Trinity Knots

Natural Reasons
– Nature-inspired motifs like leaves, branches or organic shapes can be charming choices that connect your jewelry with the season.


Precious Metal Plated Rosebud Flower Pendant Necklace with Black Leaves Graced with Diamond Clear Crystals


Symbols of Protection and Luck
– Some people choose jewelry with symbols of protection or luck, such as shamrocks, to add a personal and symbolic touch to their pieces.

18K White Gold Plated Shamrock Flower Pendant Necklace with Zircon Stones


Pearls and Opals
– Pearls and opals are stones that can add a touch of elegance and mystery, combining well with colder weather and longer nights.

18K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Ring with White Round Pearl



Remember, the most important thing is to choose jewelry that resonates with your personal style and brings meaning to you. Autumn and Winter offer an opportunity to incorporate darker tones and seasonal motifs into your jewelry choices.


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